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Tutor Profiles | Introduce Yourself | Rebecca Alexopoulou/French /Greek Modern /English.EDITED ON 08-01-2014.

Author Rebecca Alexopoulou/French /Greek Modern /English.EDITED ON 08-01-2014.
Rebecca Alexopoulou

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Posted on 04-10-2011 17:40
Hello , my name is Rebecca Alexopoulou .And, I am 38 years old and trilingual.I am a Greek native speaker ,and i am also bilingual.Greek~English.I am fluent in FRench too.I already have been working as a Tutor in the U.K .for almost 5 years, now.I teach young learners as well as older.Eg.Adult Casual Learners.I do teach my tutees , all levels .Depending upon which level they are most interested in having with me.For example , I can teach French or Greek ab initio .(Beginner's level ) .We can use all very strategically well known and edited or published Text books for the subject , accordingly.
We can emphasise on similar skills like :Reading , Writing ,Listening ,Speaking ,Grammar , Vocabulary , Comprehension Texts ,Tenses , Punctuation , etc .Many english books do concentrate upon smileyictures and expression of your thoughts,freely.There are also all different Documents to read about .Or, alternatively select a correct one word or tense or phrase words, etc .
You shall have to be able to write an essay at some point in your life.Even if you do not have the intention of doing it all of the time.But , as a Student and an Academic , essay writing is a MUST.
As I already do have a lot of Experience in Teaching .I have also worked in Greece, France ,etc.I have travelled all around Europe and alos have travelled all the surrounding Area in Greece, for many many times .
I do work with all very many different Students .And for obvious reasons I tend to keep my fees.The prices for the individual lessons , at a low fair .But, as a result to that you could take the opportunity and have more lessons within the week like that .Since you already must be benefiting a lot out of the lessons , themselves.As well as managing the bugdet.So, I am flexible and very available to all young learners and Adults .I can , travel to your location .To your destination , do bearing in mind that you give me a little time to prepare for the lesson.I look forward to hearing , from you .


Edited by Rebecca Alexopoulou on 08-01-2014 12:55
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