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Bonita Evans

Name: Bonita Evans
Photo - Bonita Evans
Location: Tannerville
United States 18372
Contact: 570 -234-6947 or DrBonitaEvans@yahoo.com

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Additional Info: Attached is a copy of my resume. I am a retired university professor and I would like to tutor prospective college students or those in the final years of high school who want to pass the Reading and Writing components of the SAT
I can also teach ESL because of the years I spent in othe countries working with the UN.

Dr. Bonita Evans
HC 1 Box 2261
Tannersville, PA 18372
Tel: 570-234-6947

Position : Part Time Tutoring writing and ESL, English, Study Skills, SAT Reading andWriting.


When I returned to the United States I began working as a substitute teacher with children in the special education category (learning disabilities, at risk students, and students experiencing behavioral problems (criminal/psychological)

Substitute teacher special education for the Pocono Mountain Board of Education. In this capacity, I taught students at all levels (pre-k through high school.) As part of my duties, I was selected to teach at risk students with criminal backgrounds. Additionally, I worked in a group home, from which I drew material for my doctoral thesis “Youth in Foster Care,” published by Garland Publishing, New York.

Substitute teacher for the Montclair Board of Education. During my time with the Montclair Board of Education, I taught, English, ESL, French, Home Economics, Economics, History, H.S. Science, and extended periods as a special education teacher. Prior to 1995, I worked with at risk students in Pennsylvania who were attending special education classes in the Pocono Mountains area.

Visiting Professor - Rutgers University
I joined Rutgers University as a visiting professor in the African-American Studies Department, graduate students.

Taught English as a Second Language and History of colonial peoples
returned to work again in the English department teaching ESL

William Paterson University

I worked for the History Department and taught a course titled “The West and the World,” which examines the impact of Europe and the United States on their colonies and the indigenous populations

United Nations and United Nations Development Programme

Initially, I worked with the Middle East and Africa Bureaux. While at the Middle East Bureau I drafted the speeches for the Under-Secretaries General, who were tasked with providing updated reports to the various Middle Eastern countries of their respective departments. I also wrote speeches for the Trade Relations office of the Organization for African Unity (OAU). After an initial two years at headquarters, New York, I was seconded by the United Nations to participate in my first overseas assignment, as a member of the diplomatic corps tasked with designing and drafting an all-inclusive constitution for the government of Namibia, Southwest Africa, on the attainment of independence from the Republic of South Africa. I also wrote the initial draft of Resolution 435, tabled at the United Nations Security Council.

On my return from Southwest Africa, I joined the peacekeeping forces (UNEF) on the Israeli/Egyptian Border. Additionally, I taught English as a second language to the Arabic-speaking staff.


On my return to the United States, I became the personal assistant to Bradford Morse, the Administrator of the United Nations Development program. Later I moved to Australia where I completed my Bachelors/Masters degrees. These degrees were taught under the British system, by professors from Cambridge and Oxford, as there was a severe shortage of qualified professors at the time. I obtained a "D" (Distinction) in many of these classes; some were graduate courses taken at undergraduate level. I also had the equivalent of 70 credits in psychology at Bachelors and Ph.D. level

While attending school part-time I also worked for the following
organizations: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of
Foreign Affairs (Australia), and the U.S. State Department, American Embassy.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

I drafted speeches for the many representatives visiting foreign countries on
behalf of the Prime Minister. One of the speeches that I drafted was on behalf of
the Prime Minister’s representative on the independence of Namibia (1992) as I
had been to the country previously and had taken an active part in the drafting of
Resolution 435 in respect of the independence of Namibia.

Departments of Foreign Affairs

I worked in the Protocol Section of this Department, and was tasked with
translating the French and Spanish credentials presented by incoming diplomats.

U.S. Embassy

In my capacity as the Cultural Affairs Assistant, I was responsible for Ronald
Reagan's "People to People" Program, the State Department's "Voluntary Visitors" program, which arranged exchanges between high-ranking political figures, members of the Judiciary (Supreme Court and the Fulbright student exchange.) Additionally I was tasked with the arrangements for Star Wars Conference in Australia, the American Studies materials provided to Australian Universities, and much of the public relations activities at Canberra.


Doctorate - Human Service’s (Counseling/at risk students)

Walden University.155 Fifth Avenue, Minneapolis, Mn.55104
Published thesis “Youth in Foster Care” (1997) Garland Publishing
Company, New York. Thesis used in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania
as source of expert opinion on the plight of disaffected and displaced youth.

Master’s Degree - Deakin University, Melbourne (Geelong) Australia

Development Studies. (Major: International Studies. Minor: European History/Economics, International Studies.

Bachelor’s Degree - University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

Professional Writing (Major: Professional Writing- all forms. Minor: Nineteenth Century literature.

Who’s Who in America 2006/2007
Who’s Who in American Education 2006
Who’s Who of American Women 2006/2007
Who’s Who of American Teachers 2006
Who’s who in the World 2009, 2010
Who’s Who in America 2009, 2010
Who’s Who in America 2011

Certificate of Congressional Recognition for Invaluable and outstanding service to the community 2005
Letter of Appreciation from the NJ State Governor's office in recognition of outstanding contributions to education.
State of New Jersey Senate and General Assembly, Commendations and Praise Certificate

Published works

Youth in Foster Care: The Shortcomings of the Child Protective Services (Published by Garland Publishing, New York)

Short Story, Staring down the Leopard, (published by Bantam-Doubleday)

New Hope Rising (iUniverse - fiction) Adult version of the South-North Migration during the 1910s

Kijani (iUniverse) fictional account of five strata of society in Kenya during the first decade after independence.
Fees: $ 40.00 Dollars Per Hour
The above is my basic charge, if the tutoring takes place some distance fr my area I would charge an addtional $10.00 for expenses related to the price of ga.
Subjects: English, Essay Writing, History, English (EFL), French
Additional: References
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