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English Essence

Name: English Essence
Location: Casula, New South Wales
Australia 2170
Contact: Send English Essence a message
Additional Info: I am Cert Trinity TESOL qualified teacher. I am TESOL qualified and have been a member of TESOL Arabia since 2008 and consider myself a versatile educator, and take the opportunity to instruct a wider variety of students from various ethnic backgrounds and multi-cultural societies. I assist students by developing and presenting stimulating lessons to facilitate and bring hands-on approach to learning to keep students engrossed and focused eventually leading to success. I possess outstanding communication skills. I strongly believe in motivating and creating an encouraging learning environment which allows the student to realize their full potential.

I have excellent communication skills and am efficient worker with suitable skills, developed over the years, which would enable me to handle the assigned job to the best of my attitude.

I have taken the opportunity to instruct a wide variety of students from various backgrounds and all facets of society. I am a compassionate teacher and sensitive to the learner’s unique needs, employ effective listening, provide individual and group support, and offer positive encouragement and reinforcement thus keeping the students motivated.

I am sincere and resourceful and my aptitude to learn more on the subject is an added strength. I research, locate and incorporate a variety of resources to accommodate students via visuals, audio, and outdoor classes etc.

I am looking for growth and gaining experience wherein I can put to use my existing knowledge and skills and enhance them at the same time.

An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language.
• The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation.
• The provision of opportunities for learners to focus.
• Listening and comprehension strategies.
• Responsible for testing new students and placing them according to level.
• An enhancement of the learner’s own personal experiences as important contributing elements to classroom learning.
• An attempt to link classroom language learning with language activities outside the classroom.
• Devising stimulating lessons using IT, course books and my own materials.
• Judicious use of homework to reinforce and extend learning.
• Encouraging independent assignments like essay writing.
• Scaffolding learning by breaking down concepts or problems into component parts to allow for ideas to be understood.
• Have an extensive experience in teaching with different adults as well as children from distinctive cultural surroundings. Training individuals to adjust to the new environment and transition from one country to another whilst preparing them for successful interaction both in daily life and business.
• Have fluency in English language in both forms like verbal and written. . Have extensive communication and organizational proficiencies along with interpersonal skill.
• Having exceptional counseling experience to develop fundamental skills in society norm.
• Obtained specialized cognitive developmental training.
• Successfully trained and imparted Business English to Corporate clients addressing topics on organizational goals and leadership development.
• Devised and facilitated lesson plans
• Identify and reproduce the sounds of the language.
• Satisfy the requirements of very basic communicative exchanges by asking questions and making statements involving learned material.
• Understand words and some high-frequency phrases, both verbal and written, in high-context situations encountered in everyday life.
• Produce words and some high-frequency phrases with correct stress, rhythm and intonation. Emphasis on Accent reduction.
• Develop speaking and listening skills sufficient to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and maintain a limited number of simple, face-to-face conversations on familiar topics for Elementary students.
• Language Training Programs for Business & Individuals

As a part of my teaching curriculum I did many outdoor activities, movies, reading small story books, music, television serials, current topics from the newspapers, coffee mornings where they interacted with other native and near native speakers, Example Activities, Role Play, Interviews, Information Gap, Games, Language Exchanges, Surveys etc. . Grading and evaluation of students was also a task which I focused on .

Adult teaching 100- 150 hour based Program - the "proficiency-based approach" to language learning. Proficiency-based instruction, emphasizes personalized student-directed instruction with the teacher as the facilitator. The proficiency-based approach teaches students to speak in the language. Flexibility to identify and evaluate language goals, while focusing on specific areas of interest.
Levels taught from Elementary to Advanced with focus on all four skills.
Fees: $ 30.00 Australian Dollars Per Hour
I am flexible witht he charges depending on the number of students and distance I might travel to teach.
Subjects: English, Italian, Hindi, Urdu
Additional: CRB / Police Check, References, Can Travel
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