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Jim Xu

Name: Jim Xu
Photo - Jim Xu
Location: Eastwood
Australia 2122
Contact: Mobile: 0412 705 608

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Additional Info: I am a 2013 graduate of North Sydney Boys, NSW's top boys' high school. Currently,
I am studying Information Technology at Macquarie University, having switched from
a degree in Com-Law. I now
4 years tutoring experience.

The core of my HSC classes were humanities focused, involving large amounts of
work (4U English, Ancient History and Modern History), due to my preference for
based courses. While undeniably different, each of these subjects were intrinsically
related to one another, and the skills I picked up during the year often applied across
three of them.

My English Experience
4U English was only reserved for students that our teachers felt confident about in
It required a strong ability in Preliminary 3U English, a significant portion of which
involved essay and speech writing. Naturally, skill in essay writing is also essential in
History Courses. Furthermore, I have always had a strong ability in Creative Writing,
having received full marks for all Creative Writing Assessment Tasks from years 7-10
(and a great majority of my Preliminary and HSC tasks as well). I do not agree that
Creative Writing is based only on natural ability - it is a skill that can be learnt with
right lessons and sufficient practice. I know this well, as I myself began during
school, in year 4. Finally, I am also experienced in English Comprehension. During
I was the sole top result and award winner of the UNSW ICAS English Competition.

How History Fits In
North Sydney Boys has very strong staff when it comes to the History Department.
While I do not believe it is my right to provide their names here, among the NSB
were actual historians with published works. I studied Ancient History under such a
historian, who was a terrific teacher, and am confident that I would be able to pass
the skills that she provided to my class. Furthermore, I also undertook private
myself in Modern History, with one of the best modern history teachers NSB ever
Both of these teachers have a lot of experieince, so much so that they are now
after spending decades in NSW schools.

What I Teach, and How
These three subjects - English, Ancient History and Modern History - are by their
nature difficult to teach due to the huge variety of electives involved. I do not
myself as knowing the entire subject, each and every elective; rather, it is my
experience that I offer. Each subject, while similar, require very different ways of
thought, and very different approaches. My teachers often did not spend their time
teaching us facts that we could just as easily garner from a textbook. Instead, they
helped us learn the strategies, the techniques, and the tips and tricks that were
in answering HSC questions. Together with practice, these minute details will help
effective and well-rounded answers before they are put onto the test paper.

Pre-Uni Selective Schools Exams Experience
In addition to teaching high school subjects, I have more than 6 months experience
Pre-Uni's Homebush Head Office, Research and Development Division. This division is
responsible for question development - that is, the writing of questions for students.
Some of you may be famiilar with the work that we (me and my peers) have done,
as the GA500 practice book (Ed II, red cover). Furthermore, I was a Cyberschool
meaning that I myself recorded many structured lessons across all of the Selective
Schools Test and OC test subjects. It is for this reason that I also offer tutoring for
anyone that is looking for further guidance in the Selective Schools and OC tests.

Assessment and Homework Help
I will also be available to my students via SMS, e-Mail and Facebook during the
if they have any questions they wish to put to me. Unfortunately, due to time
restrictions, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to edit or look over compete
such as an essay. Furthermore, please be aware that I do not complete Assessment
Tasks for students. This is a fairness principle I adhere to strictly.

Recent Results
Congratulations to all the students that have made it into Selective High Schools. I
pleased to announce that my students have achieved placements in James Ruse and
Sydney Tech!

Please contact me for further information. Thank you!
Fees: $ 45.00 Australian Dollars Per Hour
Subjects: English, Essay Writing, History, Maths
Additional: References
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