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Math Vault

Name: Math Vault
Photo - Math Vault
Location: Montreal
Canada H3H 2H9
Contact: Website: http://mathvault.ca
E-Mail: info@mathvault.ca
Phone: (438) 388-1025

Facebook: facebook.com/mathvault
Twitter: twitter.com/mathvault
Google+: google.com/+MathvaultCa1
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/math-vault
YouTube: youtube.com/+MathVaultCa1

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Additional Info: Originally founded by a McGill math grad/instructor with 5+ years of professional experience, Math Vault now offers personalized tutoring and other math help services to 120+ university (McGill / Concordia / Athabasca / Carleton / TÉLUQ/Yorkville), CÉGEP and Grade 12-level math courses in the Greater Montreal area:

=College Math=

Fundamental Concepts of Algebra (Concordia MATH 200)
Elementary Functions (Concordia MATH 201)
College Algebra (Concordia MATH 202)
Algebra and Functions (Concordia MATH 206)
Fundamental Mathematics I (Concordia MATH 208)
Mathematics for Management (McGIll CMS2 500)
Foundation of Mathematics (McGill CMSC 000)
Mathematical Tools for Management Professionals (McGill CMSC 101)
Mathematics for Education Students (McGill MATH 111)
Fundamentals of Mathematics (McGill MATH 112)
The Art of Mathematics (McGill MATH 180)

=Linear Algebra=

Calculus and Linear Algebra (Concordia MAST 214)
Vectors and Matrices (Concordia MATH 204)
Linear Algebra (McGill BREE 103)
Linear Algebra and Probability (McGill MATH 123)
Linear Algebra and Geometry (McGill MATH 133)


Differential and Integral Calculus I (Concordia MATH 203)
Differential and Integral Calculus II (Concordia MATH 205)
Fundamental Mathematics II (Concordia MATH 209)
Calculus 1 (McGill AEMA 101)
Calculus 2 (McGill AEMA 102)
Principles of Calculus (McGill CMSC 001)
Advanced Calculus (McGIll CMSC 002)
Calculus for Management (McGill MATH 122)
Calculus 1 with Precalculus (McGill MATH 139)
Calculus 1 (McGill MATH 140)
Calculus 2 (McGill MATH 141)
Calculus A (McGill MATH 150)


Introduction to Deductive Logic (McGill PHIL 210)
Intermediate Logic (McGill PHIL 310)


Probability and Statistics (Concordia ENGR 371)
Applied Probability (Concordia MAST 221)
Probability I (Concordia STAT 249)
Probability and Statistics for Engineers (McGill ECSE 205)
Probability (McGill MATH 323)


Introduction to Statistics (Athabasca MATH 215)
Statistics for Business and Economics I (Athabasca MGSC 301)
Research Methods and Design II (Carleton PADM 5114)
Business Statistics (Concordia COMM 215)
Discover Statistics (Concordia INTE 296)
Applied Statistics (Concordia MAST 333)
Statistics I (Concordia SOCI 212)
Statistical Methods 1 (McGill AEMA 310)
Biometry (McGill BIOL 373)
Applied Management Statistics (McGill CMS2 521)
Applied Quantitative Methods (McGill CMSC 221)
Economic Statistics (McGill ECON 227D1 / 227D2)
Educational Measurements (McGill EDPE 575)
Biostatistics for Health Professionals (McGill EPIB 507)
Principles of Statistics 1 (McGill MATH 203)
Business Statistics (McGill MGCR 271)
Introductory Management Statistics (McGill MGCR 273)
Introduction to Statistics for OT/PT (McGill POTH 204)
Introduction to Psychological Statistics (McGill PSYC 204)
Statistics in Social Research (McGill SOCI 350)
Les statistiques et leurs applications (TÉLUQ STA 1001)
Statistics for Business (Yorkville BUSI 1013)

=Proof-based Mathematics=

Mathematics for Computer Science (Concordia COMP 232)
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (Concordia MAST 217)
Analysis I (Concordia MATH 364)
Algebra 1 (McGill MATH 235)
Discrete Structures 1 (McGill MATH 240)
Analysis 1 (McGill MATH 242)

Are your children high-standing high-school/CÉGEP students who are passionate about math? If so, we would like to take them to the next level. Here is a list of courses currently in offer for our younger students:

=Grade 12 Mathematics or Equivalent=

Pre-Calculus 12 (British Colombia)
Math 30-1 (Alberta)
Pre-Calculus 30 (Saskatchewan)
Pre-Calculus 40S (Manitoba)
Advanced Functions MHF4U (Ontario)
Calculus and Vectors MCV4U (Ontario)
Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U (Ontario)
Mathematics for College Technology MCT4C (Ontario)
Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C (Ontario)
Mathematics 536 (Québec)
Mathematik 11 (German International Abitur)
Mathematik 12 (German International Abitur)


Algebra and Functions (201-016-50)
Algebra and Trigonometry (201-015-50)
Calculus I — Non-Science (201-103-RE, 201-103-VA, 201-103-DW)
Calculus II — Non-Science (201-203-RE, 201-203-VA, 201-203-DW)
Differential Calculus — Arts and Sciences (201-AS1-EN)
Integral Calculus — Arts and Sciences (201-AS2-AB)
Calculus I — Science (201-NYA-05)
Calculus II — Science (201-NYB-05)
Engineering Mathematics II (201-942-DW)
Applied Mathematics for Electronics Engineering (201-943-DW)
Linear Algebra — Non-Science (201-105-DW, 201-105-RE)
Linear Algebra — Arts and Sciences (201-AS4-AB)
Linear Algebra — Science (201-NYC-05)
Probability and Statistics — Science (201-BZS-05, 201-HTH-05)
Statistics — Arts and Sciences (201-AS3-AB)
Advanced Statistics — Social Science (201-301-RE, 201-301-VA, 201-401-DW)
Statistical Methods — Science (201-DDD-05)
Quantitative Methods (Centennial QME 201, Vanier 360-300-VA, Dawson 360-300-DW)
Business Data Analysis (Vanier 201-900-VA)

In addition to the above courses, coaching on the following standardized tests / subjects are offered as well:

=Standardized Test=

ISEE (Upper Level) -- Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics Achievement
SSAT (Upper Level) -- Quantitative Sections
PSAT — Mathematics Section
SAT — Mathematics Sections
ACT — Mathematics Test
DAT — Quantitative Reasoning Test (ADA)
PCAT — Quantitative Ability Section
GMAT — Quantitative Sections (Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency)
GRE — Quantitative Reasoning
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
SOA — Exam P (Probability)

=Document Preparation=


=Mental Mathematics=

Mental Arithmetic
Mental Calculus

We offer both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions either in person (Montreal) or online. We also provide discount packages for bulk payments, and a discount program for group sessions. For more info, you can reach us via:

Website: mathvault.ca/mcgill-concordia-math-tutoring/
E-Mail: info@mathvault.ca
Phone: (438) 388-1025

Facebook: facebook.com/mathvault
Twitter: twitter.com/mathvault
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/math-vault
Fees: $ 60.00 Canadian Dollars Per Hour
For more detail, head to our website at mathvault.ca, or reach us by phone at (438)388-1025.
Subjects: Maths, Statistics, English (EFL), French
Additional: CRB / Police Check, References, Can Travel, Can Tutor Online
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